Keeping your anti-lock and electronic braking systems in good condition is paramount to your safety when on the road. When a fault occurs with either of these components, it could mean disastrous consequences for the vehicle or the driver involved. At APM Commercials, we continually check vehicles and trailers for faults in the ABS or EBS system meaning you can drive with reassurance and without unnecessary worry.


As a dedicated vehicle services firm with over 40 years’ experience, APM is one of the most capable service providers in the Immingham area for dealing with any of your ABS and EBS faults that may occur. We work with the latest diagnostic equipment from the likes of the Swedish commercial vehicle company Haldex, the German manufacturer Knorr-Bremse, and Belgium’s heavy duty commercial specialist Wabco, so it means we are adept when it comes to locating the right repair equipment for your vehicle.


Our technicians are skilled in all areas of vehicle servicing; from replacement of a faulty sensor through to fitting any upgrades such as the latest retro-fit EBS system. With a superb amount of storage in our 24-hour workshop, we have over a dozen ECUs in stock, alongside all the necessary ABS components such as sensors, extension cables, and exciter rings, meaning it’s easy to get back on the road quickly with us. We’ve worked with a number of long-standing firms over the years, including DSV Commercials, Clugston Distribution and North East Truck & Van, giving us a reputation in the area that we can take pride in.